jupyter notebooks: data analysis

jupyter notebook

  • https://jupyter.org/

  • Like a wiki with embedded python (or other) code that produces additional output.

  • Perhaps most commonly used as worksheet for data science / analysis

I checked it today in search nea tool for "living documentation / specifications". It would be nice to publish a website that displays up-to-date information (retrieved from a database or rest services) about our system (e.g. usage, active server, order activity last week, active tenants) - charts included.

A Bridge between currently used online sources (kibana, grafana) offline extractions (wiki, excel).

Unfortunately I think this idea is too far away from its intended use case. A server installation seems possible https://jupyterhub.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ but things like automatic reevaluating pages, or even hiding source lines for better viewing is seemingly nothing out of the box.


  • code (python, r), database, rest access surrounded by markup (markdown) is fully supported

  • cheap changes (wiki like view,edit,save,view again), easy testing

  • mighty python charting libraries for visualization


  • no debugger for scripts

  • no syntax assist for python

  • versioning?

  • no "presentation mode" (hiding all scripts) .. for experts only?

2021 01 06.jupyter
Figure 1. sample notebook (rest to csv to chart)

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